Executive Search – Engagement Summaries

Executive Search – Engagement Summaries

by indepth

Selecting the Chief Financial Officer for a leading Indian commercial property management organization

A joint venture between a leading global private equity management services organization and a leading Indian property development brand resulted in the business requiring a qualified Chief Financial Officer (CFO). This individual would be responsible for taking care of investor, client, partner and promoter interests. In-depth Consulting ran a pan-India search and successfully selected a seasoned CFO from the real estate industry.

Client Satisfaction Score: 9/10

Choosing a global recruitment leader for a global commodities manufacturer

The client’s manufacturing arm is in Africa and its trading arm is in Dubai. This business setup meant that the client was looking for a senior-level recruitment leader with Global and African experience, located in India. We worked closely with our African partner in Mauritius to deliver a candidate who is currently in India but has experience of working in Nigeria and Middle East.

Client Satisfaction Score: 9.7/10

Selecting a HR Director for the India operations of a global family-owned spirits company

The Indian business was expanding aggressively under the leadership of a new CEO who had moved in from its global operations. While he hired a new Sales & Marketing leader as well as a Manufacturing & Distribution leader from leading FMCG organizations, he was looking for a seasoned HR head for the business. In-depth Consulting conducted a national headhunting operation, identifying the HR Director of a European telecom company as a suitable candidate. The selection and offer signup was completed in one day.

Client Satisfaction Score: 7.7/10

Selecting the Chief Operating Officer for a Leading Indian Healthcare Organization

The organization was looking to hire a Chief Operating Officer to manage the Company’s Business MIS, Support the CEO in his day to day work and to be groomed for a future leadership role. In-depth Consulting headhunted for the position nationally and selected the CEO of a Telecom Company for this role.

Client Satisfaction Score: 9/10

Identifying and hiring marketing leaders for a leading Indian real estate organization

This real estate organization was branding its corporate, businesses and key properties in the market. The effort involved hiring marketing leaders for three different lines of business – commercial, residential and corporate. In-depth Consulting conducted a pan-India search to identify, select and hire these marketing leaders for the respective lines of business.

Client Satisfaction Score: 8/10

Selecting a HR Director for a leading business group in Mauritius

The client has several business interests across various industries including agro, logistics, financial services, real estate and hospitality. They needed a HR Director to support their expansion into Europe, Africa and Asia. In-depth Consulting selected the HR Head of one of India’s leading multinational banks after ascertaining that he would align well with the business and cultural needs of the client.

Client Satisfaction Score: 8.7/10

Hiring the Regional HR Director for a market research firm’s Kolkata operations

The client’s Kolkata division is one of its largest and most profitable operations due to its association with companies such as British American Tobacco (BAT) and the Indian Tobacco Company (ITC). However, the client was finding it difficult to hire and retain key talent in Kolkata.

They selected In-depth Consulting to handle this key business challenge. We successfully headhunted and selected a seasoned Kolkata-based HR Director for the position.

Client Satisfaction Score: 8/10