Leadership Development – Engagement Summaries

Leadership Development – Engagement Summaries

by indepth

Direction setting workshop for an Indian property management services organization

The CEO wanted to set a uniform and implementable business direction for his team and get their buy in. He also wanted his reporting team to genuinely bond with each other and resolve any inter-functional issues at a peer level. The workshop and the subsequent coaching sessions for select senior leaders delivered on this mandate and helped build a more cohesive team.

Client Satisfaction: 9.1/10

Leadership and team building workshops for a global healthcare leader

The organization’s India operations are evolving due to changes in the leadership team, the pressing need for profitable growth and implications of international changes within the organization. The three leadership and team building workshops, held over six months, addressed and resolved some of these issues for over 60 of the client’s senior executives.

Client Satisfaction: 9.0/10

People manager workshops for a leading Indian healthcare provider

The client was facing significant leadership challenges amongst its people managers, who were responsible for handling sensitive people issues for both operational managers and customers. We conducted a survey to determine the gap between identified people manager competencies and current capabilities. Based on this understanding, we conducted a workshop to sensitize and coach business, functional and unit heads of the organization on people manager competencies.

Client Satisfaction Score: 9.1/10

People management program for a leading provider of higher education services

The client conducted a People Manager’s Survey for its people managers with the support of In-depth Consulting. The results showed low scores overall, and revealed specific areas of concern in managing people. In-depth Consulting looked at this output and designed a specific program to address these concerns for a core group of people managers. The program was conducted in an offsite location.

Client Satisfaction Score: 8.9/10

Performance scorecards for a leading provider of higher education services

The organization created strategy, structure and performance scorecards for its business under the leadership of its new Managing Director. This involved bringing together the organization’s top 40 global leaders in an interactive workshop led by the Managing Director and co-facilitated by In-depth Consulting. Over the next six months, these business plans and performance scorecards were shared with over 300 executives across the company through similar interactive workshops, led by business or functional leaders and co-facilitated by In-depth Consulting.

Client Satisfaction Score: 8/10

Leadership coaching for the Indian subsidiary of a multinational engineering and electronics conglomerate

In-depth Consulting coached the organization’s Country Head of Energy and Utilities vertical when he assumed a Global Leader’s role for Energy and Utilities with a significantly larger business portfolio and a matrixed team. Over the next 12 months, we guided the leader through monthly coaching sessions and completed the engagement once the business leader and Global CEO of the business were both satisfied with the progress.

Client Feedback Score: 8/10

Leadership offsite for a leading Indian real estate organization

In-depth Consulting conducts a leadership offsite every year for the Chairman and his reporting team, enabling them to revisit their business, relationships (clients and teams) and operational plan for the year ahead. The most recent offsite was conducted in Prague, where the team had an opportunity to reflect on business direction, leadership and teamwork within the group and execution of its programs.

Client Satisfaction: 8.8/10

Leadership and team building workshops for the finance team of a leading Indian real estate organization

The organization’s finance team was struggling with issues relating to decision making, customer orientation and execution. In-depth Consulting worked with the entire team in an outbound setup and addressed these issues as a team.

Client Satisfaction: 9.5/10

Leadership assessment for a leading provider of higher education services

The client wanted to identify talent for further growth and success amongst its second line of leadership. Executives who reported directly to the Managing Director were trained to assess their reportees using a customized competency and assessment framework developed by In-depth Consulting. Following the assessment, talent planning decisions were made and the first line executives provided feedback on this output to its next line of leaders.

Client Satisfaction Score: 8.8/10

Leadership assessment for a premier Indian Business School

The client used Hogan Assessments for its Executive Post Graduate Program in Management. We administered Hogan Assessments for the program’s graduating mid-career executives, provided them with inputs as well as coaching to adequately groom their own leadership skills as they rejoined the industry.

Client Satisfaction Score: 10/10

Leadership and team building workshop for the Indian subsidiary of a multinational engineering and electronics conglomerate

The client was going through a significant pressure in India because of changes in its global strategy as well as churn in its India leadership team. In-depth Consulting facilitated a workshop which involved getting the Managing Director and his core leadership team to define their future direction, leadership and team norms and quick wins to be executed by this team.

In-depth Consulting continued to facilitate the leadership team interactions and provide one-to-one coaching sessions after the workshop.

Client Satisfaction Score: 8.5/10

Leadership assessment and coaching for a global architecture firm

When the real estate industry was a down-turn, In-depth Consulting assessed and coached the Chairman & MD, COO and 16 other Directors of firm’s Bangalore operations. The assessment and coaching sessions took place over a period of 12 months and focused on the growth of the business and development of the leadership team.

Client Feedback Score: 8.0/10